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Fethiye - 16 April 2024

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What can I do in Fethiye? What activities are there in Ölüdeniz? We tried to help you in this article

If we mention Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay and Gemiler Island, we would probably be giving tips about the natural beauties of Fethiye. Those who have been there know that Fethiye has a unique nature. It is obvious that it is one of the most livable places in the world… It is not in vain that local and foreign tourists flock to it today. So, what should we do when we come to Fethiye? You can get involved in so many enjoyable activities that your holiday here can last for a long time. Because there’s a lot to do here. First of all, you can choose numerous spots to paraglide and witness different views. You can take sailing training and understand the basics of maritime. You can explore the underwater beauties by diving and go on a serene journey with nature walks. Read on for more details.

A unique flight experience with Paragliding

Let’s start with paragliding, one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities. Fethiye is a very attractive location in this sense. Paragliding can be a great opportunity to look at the wonderful view of Ölüdeniz from above. You can benefit from paragliding training with different scopes, take a tandem flight and make wonderful memories. You can take action immediately and take advantage of the activity opportunities for jumps where you will witness beautiful views.

Enjoy the sea and freedom with sailing

Sailing will be a must for sea lovers. Because you can learn the basics of maritime during sailing training and feel like a real sailor. Moreover, you are at the right place for such an activity. Fethiye offers many alternatives in terms of sea activities, thanks to its structure integrated with the sea. Sailing is the most important and most beautiful of these. You can also participate in the planned sailing activity to spend the weekend with sailing training and improve your skills.

Discover the Underwater World with Trial Diving and Certified Diving Trainings

Speaking of sea activities, we cannot forget diving. The magnificent coasts of Fethiye continue their beauty underwater as well. In fact, the liveliness of underwater beauty can even be considered even more magnificent. Here you will encounter interesting underwater creatures and maybe explore a shipwreck. You can even decide to improve your diving skills and become professional here and participate in training at different levels. Diving will be a great choice to discover the hidden beauties of Fethiye. If you want to have a pleasant and full time in this region, your choice should definitely be diving experience.

You may want to walk the historical Lycian Way

Nature walks are one of the indispensable activities for Fethiye, which stands out with its nature. If you want a peaceful nature journey rather than excitement, you can participate in nature walks. While these journeys offer you hidden natural beauties, sometimes they will reveal a magnificent sea view from the end of a road, and sometimes the ruins of an ancient city. For this reason, nature walks in Fethiye will be full of little surprises and extremely fun. You can make many friends and accumulate wonderful memories on these journeys carried out as a team.

Enjoyable conversations with nature at the campfire

Finally, let’s talk about camping, the most popular activity of recent times. Every corner of Fethiye can be suitable for camping. You can sleep with a wonderful sea view and end the day with a unique sunset. You can only experience such luxuries by camping. Camps organized as a group within the framework of certain programs offer you a unique holiday experience. Moreover, you can feel like you are a part of nature and enjoy nature in this process.

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